Yuni Aaron

Yuni Aaron, Sculptor

I embarked on my sculpting career 16 years ago in a small artist cooperative under the tutelage of John Clague, a celebrated American sculptor and head of the sculpture department at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Trained and practiced as an architect in Seattle and Cleveland, I have a deep appreciation of forms and composition. What was difficult when trying to achieve perfection in architecture, I find is often expressed naturally in the human form. That is what I aim to capture, when I study my subjects and try to interpret what I see. My work sometimes takes on narrative. I want the viewers to be touched by the emotional tenor in my work, not just the technicality. Ideally, I would like my work to transcend from the physical to the metaphorical. I sculpt both figures as well as busts, primarily in terra cotta but also in porcelain, in plastilene to cast in plaster, Hydrocal and bronze. My work has been exhibited at the Sculpture Center in Cleveland and currently can be viewed at the West Huron Sculptors studio at 416 West Huron Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103, as well as online

I live and work in Ann Arbor, Michigan and I am part of West Huron Sculptors, a cooperative. I am married to cellist, Richard Aaron and we have 2 children, Noah and Sofie.

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