Mark Meier is an artist with a broad range of interests. He enjoys drawing, painting, sculpting, and woodworking. He has a particular interest in “digital fabrication” – the process of using computer driven tools to create.

Torus Knot Table. 30 pieces dovetailed end-to-end. 22″ High, 30″ Diameter glass top. Poplar.

Torus Knot – Plaster, White Oak

Helen Sleeping – Terra Cotta

Colleen – Terra Cotta, Patina, Painted Cherry

Rocking Horse – Poplar, Basswood, Oil Paint

Finally Free – Acryllic

Still Life – Pastel, Lacewood

Still Life with Horse – Acrylic on Paper

Mark’s sculpture portfolio is available here.

Mark’s woodworking portfolio is available here.

Mark’s digital fabrication blog is available here.

Mark’s blog on electronic art is here.

Please follow me on Twitter here.


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