To be put in touch with members of the West Huron Sculptors please call our contact person, Susan Robinson-Heaslip, at  (734) 646-1865.

You may also email any of our members. Our email addresses are list on the Welcome page.

2 comments on “Contact

  1. We have been battling years of sickness with our daughter and would like to have a sculpture made for the enviable. She has a rare genetic disorder called Cri-du-Chat syndrome as well as multiple other abnormalities. We stay at Mott quite frequently unfortunately. My family and I found a beautiful headstone made of bronze, it was a boy being free from his wheelchair and sent to the heavens. My family is all in agreement that this is what we would like to do for our Hailey. Please advise as to the process as we know nothing about this.

    • Dear Mr. Hinds,
      So sorry about the delay in seeing and responding to your message. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, none of the West Huron Sculptors are accepting commissions at this point. I suggest contacting Anthony Frudakis, a very fine sculptor living in Jackson County. His website is at and has a contact page.
      Kind regards,

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